Selling real estate property for the best price

Property sellers are keen to sell their real estate at the best price to maximize their profit. Ensuring your house stands out from the crowd gives you an upper edge over others and will allow you to achieve the best sale price possible. There are numerous processes of selling real estate that you can control, which will help you to sell your property at a top price. The following are some basic steps you want to follow.

Proper planning

The very first step to maximizing profit on any investment is proper planning. Engaging in conceptual thinking and using competent services are vital when it comes to selling your real estate. Using the service of a real estate agent can be productive. They can promote your property by using MLS to a maximum number of potential buyers who are keen to buy at the best price.


Marketing is the key to the growth of your real estate business. A good marketing idea is to list your property on Multiple Listings Service (MLS) website, or on specific real estate websites if you do your own selling. This allows potential and serious buyers to do a cross search for the property they want to buy from the comfort of their home. Using MLS enables buyers to search for properties that fall within their chosen price range or number of bedrooms. The more potential buyers you have that show interest in your property, the more you will be able to negotiate a price that suits both of you.

Property presentation

Decent property presentation is crucial to get the right price. The property must be clean and presentable. Presenting your real estate in good condition will allow it to catch the interest of potential buyers, and it must be done before they start looking at your property. Make your property look new by painting both, in and out. When choosing colors, ensure you avoid picking your taste, go for neutral colors that will entice prospective buyers. Clean the walls, windows, and doors and ensure you polish the door knobs and handles; this can be done before painting.

Do a thorough inspection and fix all necessary damages. Your home must be in good shape to attract future buyers. Don’t forget to remove clutters such as picture frames, personal messages on shelves, etc. You will be surprised at the impact those few changes will help you attract the right client.

Selling at the right price

The selling price you place on your house will determine how quick you are going to sell it. Over-pricing might not make potential buyers to make an offer for your real estate, which means it is going to sit on the market until you make the right price. Doing a comparative analysis of similar listings in your community can give you the idea of the price you should tag your house. The longer your property remains on the market, the longer you are paying the mortgage.

By doing a proper planning, engaging in right marketing strategies, proper property presentation and offering at the right price will enable you to sell your real estate for the best price in the shortest period of time.

By Babatunde Olasege with assistance by OwnerQuiz