Powerful real estate marketing tools

Selling real estate in a competitive market is hard work and requires up-to-date marketing skills.

By Belinda Woods

Market competition for homebuyers can be fierce. You have to distinguish yourself to sell faster with creative ideas. These tips help you stay ahead of the competition.

Work with a professional photographer

Let's face it; no matter the quality of your property, poorly made photos will hurt the interest of potential buyers in your home. The perfect presentation of your home idea should be considered a priority; you cannot compromise when it comes to photos of the property, because a successful real estate company relies on the beautiful photos. What you need to do is hire a professional photographer. If you can find one with great architectural experience and taking pictures of homes, the more likely you are to sell your property quickly. As an alternative, if you have a camera and all the tools you need to make a great photo, you can capture them yourself, but make sure you can take good pictures.

Have a website that offers value

While real estate agents remain the key to the buying process, buyers are increasingly investigating online before asking for real estate experts.

A survey shows that 92% of consumers use the Internet to begin their search for a home, creating an essential need for agents who have an active online presence.

Most customers do not stand aside and expect things to happen, especially when they have to do something like buying a house. Before a property is purchased, some potential buyers go so far as to use Google Map to look at the street view. If you have a website with the information they need, your chance to turn customers into leads increases.

Branding matters

This is the best time to notice for you. By branding, I don’t mean that you have to spend millions of dollars on a billboard. On the contrary, what you need to do if you want to sell a property is to brand items such as pens, t-shirts, hoodies, USB sticks and everything you can think of. Once you have labeled them, give them as gifts at popular events or shopping malls to showcase your brand by giving them something they need to use on a daily basis at work or at home. Branding also includes the credibility of the brand, the integrity and market perception of your service. Brand Integrity includes clear values, goals, messages, marketing and branding that allow you to easily sell your property.

Create catchy contents to catch prospects

When you have a property to sell, consider offering contents that will bring value to your target audience and engage them. For example, a free e-book can do wonders for you. You can create an e-book with the title "15 great things you should consider before buying a house ". The goal of this free e-book is to give it away free of charge in exchange for e-mail addresses and postcodes - it's a brilliant way to get leads, and you can feed those prospects regularly with valuable contents that will increase your chances with them.

Be social

Have social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. will boost your online presence, and try to link all your social media profiles together. If possible, hire a professional to maintain profiles, respond to mentions, tweets, and interact with customers.

Hold a Q & A on Twitter

Sending tweets is not just about one-off, pointed messages. You can also send a series of questions and answers via Twitter and try to interact with people in your city. Later you can reuse that content in a composite blog post.

Add social media buttons on property pages

It is very likely that potential buyers of your homes are eager to share the best pictures of their future home with friends and family, so you should make it easy for buyers to share real estate online through social media

Advertise on social networks

Sometimes the organic results in social networks are not enough and you will have to advertise through paid ads. Publish massively on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter because they are often the most effective ways to put your properties in front of customers.

And finally: The best marketing tools are price and location.